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Hi, I'm Dennis.

I'm running a virtual studio with the HTC Vive Trackers and the Aximmetry Professional Version with Unreal.

Recently I was testing the OpenVR Advanced Settings Add-on, because I was trying to filter the incoming tracking data in order to reduce jitter. I was running on Aximmetry version 2021.2.2 and the latest versions of SteamVR and the OpenVR Advenced Settings. 

Over a whole day I was having seven wierd Crashes of Aximmetry. Everytime Aximmetry suddenly froze, because it got into a loading loop in which Aximmetry usually tries to reload a cooked Unreal Project. This happened because of no reason. Aximmetry could run for a longer or shorter period of time and suddenly get into this loading loop, which is very bad, if you are in the middle of a production. I was also not able to normaly close the Aximmetry Composer. I always had to close the Composer with the task manager.

Furthermore I was also having issues with the performance of Aximmetry. Aximmetry wasn't running with constant 1080p50 as usually. I was having sudden frame drops for a quater of a second in which both the CPU and GPU workload increased to over 150%. This happened every 20 to 60 seconds.

After downgrading to Aximmetry version 2021.2.1, the performance instability issue was gone, but after maybe two hours of running Aximmetry, Aximmetry suddenly froze again and got into it's loading loop.

Has anybody tried running the OpenVR Advanced Settings for SteamVR himself and were you having the same issues?

I'm very curious about what caused these crashes, because it robs you quite a lot of security when your render engine suddenly crashes in the middle of a production without any external human input.

Thank you for your time and for your answers!



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5/7/2021 4:43:54 AM

If I understand correctly, the problem goes away when you don’t use OpenVR Advanced Settings? In that case it’s quite clear that the crashes are caused by using that.

I don’t think we can expect that Aximmetry should work with anything but the default Vive configuration. If you want to smooth the tracking data you can do that inside Aximmetry using a Smoother module instead.

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5/7/2021 2:34:18 PM

Hi Dennis,

TwentyStudios is probably right about the nature of this issue, however let me add an extra info for crashes/freezing.

When you experience the infinite loop of blue Loading indicator, but the GUI still responds, you can use the Help menu / Emergency Dump and Exit to force the quit without using Task Manager.

The advantage of this method that you can also create a dump file which can be useful for us when debugging an issue. You can send the dump file to

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6/1/2021 5:50:33 PM

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your answers! I have noticed that this issue has nothing to do with the OpenVR Advanced Settings. Aximmetry also crashed after fully uninstalling OpenVR AS and reinstalling SteamVR and Aximmetry. Aximmetry even crashes on a completely different and newly set up machine.

I will create such an emergency dump file the next time, when it happens. Thank you for this advice anyway!

I’ve also explained this issue again in a new post: