Installing Plugins in 4.25.4

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Hi I have had success  installing plugins from 4.25.3 version ue_editor to axy_ue2021.1. Now Ihave moved to a better pc and in epic launcher there is just 4.25.4 Im trying to do same process but it keeps failing because "it cannot find a 4.25 version installed from epic launcher" any help will be really appreciate. I have tried to manually copy 4.25.3 from the old pc but still the same and now epic launcher doesnt recognize it. I re installed epic launcher too with no success

LogAximmetry: Error: Plugin installation failed. Make sure Unreal Engine 4.25 is installed from the Epic Games Launcher.

Thank you


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3/29/2021 12:16:43 PM


Please skip to the latest version of Aximmetry, which is built on 4.26.1.

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4/8/2021 7:57:32 AM

Hi, I have the same error with the new version 4.26.1 I cannot install any plugin, nor create classes in c ++.