I can´t Install plugins in UE4 DE version

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Hi, I have some errors when try to install the VaRest Pluigin in Unreal Engine DE.

I can't intstall it from the marketplace, because Epic Launcher does not detect the UE4 version. And when try install from github another error "LogAximmetry: Error: Plugin installation failed. Make sure Unreal Engine 4.26 is installed from the Epic Games Launcher."

Some Idea? thanks. 


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3/30/2021 4:47:41 PM

it can happen if your UE4 is installed in a non default directory or was moved, or just happens...

when it happened here, we reinstalled normal unreal and then Aximmetry found it and things played friendly

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4/8/2021 7:50:54 AM

Hi, I try your solution, but the problem continues.

I have uninstalled both unreal, then I have installed the UE aximmetry first and then the normal UE from epic installer, but the Epic installer still doesn't detect UE for aximmetry

I also cannot create classes in c ++ from UE aximmetry and I cannot compile the solution from visual studio.

Nor can I open the marketplace from UE aximmetry.

And in the plugins folder, there is no Marketplace folder to install plugins from Github.

Any ideas? I'm going a little crazy