Ask about PTZ tracking for Sony lime Fr7


I have now successfully connected to its PTZ tracking system. However, when I was using composer, I found that the scaling and focusing data did not seem to pass into Aximmetry properly. I would like to ask whether this data will be passed in after the lens calibration, or did I set something wrong?


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The zoom and focus data you receive are usually relative to the device/camera's system and not standardized values.
After doing lens calibration with the Camera Calibrator, Aximmetry will know the true standardized zoom values. In the case of focus, you need to perform a focus calibration using the Basic Calibrator, or you can manually set the value. Both methods are explained here:

For more information on the Basic Calibrator, see here: Note that the calibration files from the Camera Calibrator can be used in the Basic Calibrator, so you only need to perform the focus calibration with the Basic Calibrator.

Also, without doing any calibration, you can test if Aximmetry receives zoom and focus data by following this page:

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