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Hello, I design two broadcast version of aximmetry online use, with the master A computer connected to the led screen, and use the B computer to render the content of the LED, but how to test can not be perfect, A machine only extension, B machine no LED. or appear B machine has Led content, A machine no extension, only black mask. I have been testing for a week and I don't know what the problem is. Please come up with a complete Digital Extension tutorial for both machines


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Hi Solovai,

Are you trying to set up a system where machine A (control machine) only renders Digital Extension and machine B renders only the Led Walls? like it is explained here:
And all this while machine A is not on site, but connected online? In that case, note that you have to send the tracking data to machine A too.

Also, recently we extended our Led wall documentation a little bit: 

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