Problem while recoding

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Hello everyone.
Please i need some help regarding a problem while recording on a project i got this error message : 

Failed to initialize video codec for "Dem_0001.mp4": Invalid argument
Failed to create video file "Dem_0001.mp4"

What is that means ? i tried many frame rates 24p 50p | h.264 _ h.265 _ DNxHD 
I got same error.

Please do you have any idea how to solve it ?

Thank you


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This can be the result of many things.

If you are using a non-NVIDIA video card, then you might not be able to save into H.264/.265. However, DNxHD should work: 

Otherwise, we need more information on your setup to find out the source of the issue. Like, what is your exact windows OS name and version? Which nodes did you use in Aximmetry's Flow Editor to record the video and what settings did the video recording node have?

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