Can't render to h.264 video file



I'm in the Windows version of Aximmetry DE and I'm using the Record_3-Audio compound to render a video to my  disk. I click on the RECORDER panel and configure the video format to H.264/MP4 (5) and when I click on the record button, I get this message:

Started recording into "Studio_0003.mp4"

Failed to initialize video codec for "Studio_0003.mp4"

Failed to create video file "Studio_0003.mp4"

Stopped recording into "Studio_0003.mp4"

No video file was made.  If I use WMV, DNxHD, Cineform, it render the video file just fine.




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Hi William,
Probably you do not run Aximmetry on an NVidia card.
Aximmetry uses the NVidia NVENC GPU-based codec for H.264/.265.