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Hello, I have a level sequence where an Aximmetry tracked camera is following a truck down a path. I want to have that camera position in Aximmetry but whenever I load the unreal editor the camera position is correct for about a second then changes to a different position. I also have a trigger for the truck to start moving which has the camera follow it but in Aximmetry the camera stays at a set location instead of following the truck. Some other notes, the camera module I am using is "TrackedCam_Unreal_Prev_3-Cam_3-Billboard" and Live Link. Is it possible to use that level sequence animation for the camera from unreal and use it in Aximmetry or do I need to use the sequence editor in Aximmetry to have the camera follow the truck?

Camera position I want:

Camera position I get: 

Level Blueprint for the level sequence triggers:


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The best solution is that the truck is moved by Aximmetry's sequence editor.
Similarly to the screenshot here: https://my.aximmetry.com/post/2452-easiest-way-to-parent-the-aximmetry-came
If that doesn't work for you, then note that the other solution in that discussion with editing the camera blueprint will cause problems if you use billboards.

Also, do you have a real-world camera with tracking hardware? https://aximmetry.com/learn/faq/hardware/#tracking
Otherwise, you probably want to use the VirtualCam_Unreal_A-B_Preview_3-Cam compound instead of the TrackedCam_Unreal_Prev_3-Cam_3-Billboard compound.

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