Hybrid Sets with Aximmetry ? Half green set and half real set



Is it possible to make Hybrid sets? half virtual green screen / and half real scenery?

Can I have a full green screen cyclorama and at the same time display augmented reality on a real part without a green screen?

   Igor Bortnowski

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Hi Igor,

If I understand correctly, you want to show the studio outside of the green cyclorama area. In that case, we don't have a ready-made solution for that. However, it is quite easy to make such setups in Aximmetry's Flow Editor. For example, you could edit the Tracked Camera compound as I describe it here in my second post: https://my.aximmetry.com/post/1929-mixed-tracked-cam If you want the keyer to only apply to the Studio masked/cropped area, then you need to do the following Flow editor set up...

Also, we support models for studio masks, you probably want to use that with cyclorama in the above case: https://my.aximmetry.com/post/1422-green-model 

For displaying augmented reality on the real part, we have documentation on combining augmented reality with led wall. You can have the same workflow with the tracked camera as with the led wall in that document, as the tracked camera compound also has an AR Overlay input pin:
Also, if you want to show the augmented reality object by Aximmetry's render engine, we have another documentation on it here: https://aximmetry.com/learn/tutorials/for-aximmetry-de-users/aximmetry-and-unreal-combined-rendering/

Warmest regards,

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Eric Soulard


I solved it another way, extending the virtual green areas over non green part of the physical studio. This way, I could still use the regular additional masks:

Of course, no green has to be used on the non green areas of the studio. Limitations I found in that case is that aximmetry does not key over the back wall and that we only have 3 billboards per camera as there might be case that camera movements may cover more than 2 walls and the floor.