Using Quixel Mega Scans and Twinmotion Plugins with Aximmetry DE UE5 BEta

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Hi I am having difficulty loading both plugins into Aximmetry Beta. For starters I have had to install regular UE5 to a external drive (E:) into a folder called Unreal Engine. I then also installed Aximmetry Ue5 Beta into the same drive (E:) but a folder called Aximmetry Beta. As I try to install Aximmetry plugins I have read that it is looking for the UE5 regular file to be in the Programs Folder on the C Drive. I could not have it there because the C: drive was getting full with only about 25 gig left.

I read somewhere that you can trick Aximmetry DE into thinking the Origingal UE5 was in the proper location by typing the following command into a CMD window:

reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\EpicGames\Unreal Engine\5.0" /v InstalledDirectory /t REG_SZ /d "E:\Unreal_Engine\UE_5.0" /f

I tried this of course using the correct file paths, but it didn't do anything. The install plugins button in Aximmetry DE still finds no files.

I then tried also copying all the folders for twinmotion (32 gigs worth) into the plugins/Marketplace folder. This was a plugin folder and a content folder full of stuff. Still no working "install plugin button" in Aximmetry DE, but the plugins at least show up in the plugin options. However, if you try to enable them and restart. The system then faults and says it can't find 3 Modules and won't starti[. I then had to delete the copied files to get it to start up to disengage plugins.

I have tried to follow the 3rd party plugin page: but have had little luck.

1. Do regular Unreal 5 and Aximmetry DE Beta need to be installed into the same folder for any of these to work?

2. Is there a way to get the Aximmetry DE to recognize / use  the files in the regular UE5 folder? Or do we truly have to copy all of them into the Aximmetry content folder as well?

3. In the tutorial above there are no specific instructions for Twinmotion, and the Quixel Mega Scans portion says to "follow steps above" that don't seem to work. Could you please give step by step instructions for Twinmotion, and then let me know what I am doing wrong for Quixel Mega Scans? 


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10/4/2022 3:08:49 PM


1, No.

2, The two Unreal, Aximmetry's Unreal and Epic's original Unreal should be in different folders. Other than that, you are free to install the two Unreals anywhere you wish. The original Unreal doesn't have to be in the Programs folder.

3, We have an Unreal 5 specific plugin install documentation page:

Note that the plugins how to be in the original Unreal's plugins/Marketplace folder for the "install plugin button" to work.

If the install plugin button runs into errors, please copy and paste them here or the screenshot of it.

Note that Quixel Bridge now comes included in Unreal 5. Sadly, there is an issue with Aximmetry Unreal 5 beta and Quixel Bridge, here is the fix for it:

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