Any solution for broadcast CG graphic rundown playlist.

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May I ask about Aximmetry had any function like Avid Maestro, let the client do some rundown for the broadcast CG graphic.

I've tried the Aximmetry LowerThird template, just like I need, but this won't have the rundown function, only had the Main control for it.



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Hi Ivan,

You will probably have to build your own simple control board based on what kind of rundown you want.

For example, if you want videos played after each other, you can make the following control board:

Where Pin Collector added to the Control Board. More on the #& pin name here:
Also, there are similar setups discussed here:

If you detail what kind of rundown you want with what functionalities, I can easily show how to make it.

If you want rundown of scrolling text, there is an example of it here: [Tutorials]:Lower Thirds\Crawl_RSS_Vertical_Subtext.xcomp

Warmest regards,

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A Playlist feature has been added in the latest version of Aximmetry (2023.1.0):

  • Added Playlist module and Playlist Editor to allow creating a sequence of automated scene changes. See more info.
  • Removed Macros functionality, it is now replaced by Playlist.

It is not exactly a video playlist. But it might satisfy some of your needs here.

Warmest regards,