How to add Info Text to custom Compounds?

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Hi there.

Many tools/controls in Axy sport Info Text like this:

Is there any way to add such information to the controls on custom compounds/groups/...?
Since compounds are stored as xml, I would expect that adding a certain entry in e.g. Notepad++
would allow to introduce those tooltips?

Cheers & all the best.



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5/17/2022 12:39:05 PM

Hi Eric,

Yes. You don't even need to edit the XML.

Just use Insert Note...:

Connect the note to the left or right side:

Then it will point to the top:

And from the outside of the compound, when your mouse is over the compound, the note's text will show up in the info panel:

You can also add notes for the pins:

And you can also add info text to the control board panels and buttons:

Warmest regards,

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5/18/2022 5:18:48 AM

Hi Eifert.

And once again Axy is even cooler than I already thought!
Thanks for the hint and for this great product!