Unreal Engine For Aximmetry 2021.3.0 | Unable to install plugins

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Hey, i'm having trouble getting Aximmetry version of unreal up and running when it comes to plugins.

I followed all the proper instructions detailed on the FAQ but i can't figure out why im having issues with installing the plugins to aximmetry version of unreal engine 4.26.1

When i open the editor and press "install plugins" from Aximmetry menu, im greeted with the following error message:

LogAximmetry: Error: Could not copy Q:\Software\Aximmetry\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs to Q:\Software\UE_4.26\Engine\Source\UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs. Error code: 2.

LogAximmetry: Error: Plugin installation failed. Could not initialize build environment.

When navigating to specified folder, there is only UE4Game.Target.cs but the specified file is missing.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times but every time i'm met with the same error message and i have ran out of ideas to try.

This did not happen on Unreal engine for 2021.2.2 which i am unfortunately unable to go back to as there is no way to download previous versions as far as i can see.

Any help in solving this issue is appreciated, would help tremendously as DLSS is a pretty must have thing in virtual productions to maintain proper framerates.


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7/4/2021 7:17:27 PM

There is probably a problem with your Visual Studio installation. Uninstall it and reinstall it again, carefully following the instructions to make sure everything you need is properly installed.

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7/5/2021 10:01:47 AM

@twentyStudios i tried doing that but unfortunately i'm still getting the same error message despite reinstalling everything once more.

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7/9/2021 2:21:39 PM

Hey, I am having this exact same error.

I had problems installing MVN LiveLink Plugin in previous versions.

I remember I solved it by completly removing the Substance plugin.

However I did that now and it still won't install.

I am using 2021.3 and the same file is completely missing.

I will try reinstalling visual studio once more but I am not confident it will solve it.

What if someone linked me this file, or I create one. Would it work?

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7/13/2021 12:08:15 AM

Having the same exact problem! 
Thought it would be fun to have Megascans and C4D Datasmith in the Unreal for Aximmetry software. Jumping between UE4 and the aximmetry version isn't the worst thing, I might have to keep doing that for a while. 

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7/14/2021 3:08:45 PM


This feature is currently not working properly, please check this post:  https://my.aximmetry.com/post/1130-request-to-comprehensive-guide-to-instal 

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7/29/2021 1:56:55 PM


We fixed the issue with 2021.3.1

Please try it again!

Best Regards