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I have been trying to install 3rd party plugins in Unreal for Aximmetry using the wiki page ( Also searching through all the forum posts related to plugin installation. All attempts end in vain.

DLSS error msg : dll version mismatch. needs recompile.


LogAximmetry: Error: Could not copy C:\Program Files\Aximmetry DE\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Source\UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs. Error code: 2.
LogAximmetry: Error: Plugin installation failed. Could not initialize build environment.

Anyone who has successfully installed these plugins, can you share your path of success?

Thank you!


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7/14/2021 10:05:10 AM

Installing plugins is fully broken in the latest release of Ue for Aximmetry.

Reinstalling visual studio etc wont help, no one on the forum has confirmed being able to install plugins with 2021.3 and it looks like the only way to get plugins is to get a previous version (2021.1) and install the plugins there, then copy and paste the plugins from that version of UE for aximmetry to the 2021.3 version.

I have sent Aximmetry email about this but so far no response on the matter, the big difference looks like is the target file which is NOT the same as in 2021.1

in 2021.1 the file is 'UE4Game.Target.cs'

and in 2021.3 it is suddenly 'UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs'

When you install the engine, you don't get a 'UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs' file only the former one.

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7/14/2021 2:19:04 PM


We apologize for the inconvenience. We are going to fix this very soon.
Until then, you can work around this issue by downloading the "UE4GamePlugin.Target.cs" file from and placing it in the "c:\Program Files\Aximmetry DE\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source" folder.

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7/15/2021 10:28:51 AM

Hello DeataProduction,

We have checked our emails about this topic, we didnt find your email. Could you please send us an email to just to make sure we recieve your emails?

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7/28/2021 12:12:55 PM


We fixed the issue with 2021.3.1

(so it is no longer necessary to download or adjust any file anymore)

Best Regards