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Hello! Looking for a solution to the problem I use aximmetry DE to shoot a scene in a real car on a chromakey. Driver is sitting in the foreground and background should move like when driving a car. If I record the camera movement in unreal engine with sequancer and activate it via a trigger, the main aximmetry camera is replaced and I don't see the actor. I don't understand how to do this in blueprint. I need the independent movement of the background camera and the image from it behind the actor. I would be grateful for your advice


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6/3/2021 8:47:39 PM

I'm having the same issue, but instead, I tried to apply this concept using a Tracked Camera inside Unreal, and have the camera go up an elevator which was animated using Sequencer.

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6/11/2021 5:03:55 PM


Hm...   you could try put Aximmetry_Camera under a parent node,  then animate that parent node instead of the camera.   I'm not sure it works as expected, could you test it?