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I've been working through this tutorial for Aximmetry DE: https://aximmetry.com/wiki/index.php?title=Getting_started_with_the_Unreal_Engine_based_DE_edition

When I load my unreal project into Aximmetry, it works great for about 5-10 minutes. 

At some point, seemingly randomly; I lose control of my free cam and the camera becomes locked into it's last position. My control seems to go to moving the Billboard. This continues even after I un-assign edit mode to preview 1. The only way to break this camera lock is to close and reopen the project, but after a time the issue occurs again. 

A message is generated: First person character is out of bounds. This is related, I'm sure. 

I should also note that I loose control of the preview monitor entirely - the preview monitor output buttons (program, matrix, cam1, 2 3, etc) stop functioning. 

I've follow the tutorials verbatim, I'm not sure what the issue is. Please help? 


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5/10/2021 11:10:20 AM


Is it possible that you put the player under the floor (as we suggested in our docs), but you also turned on gravity for the player? Which then falls continuously until it leaves the bounds?

We have no other idea at the moment. If it's not the case please send the project to us at support@aximmetry.com.   Please export it with the Zip Up function before sending.