move multiple input/outputs from one pin to another

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does anyone know how to move multiple input/outputs from one pin to another in aximmetry? in unreal you just hold down the ctrl key and drag


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ahmed ahmed
5/5/2021 8:58:09 AM

You can use aximmetry copy modules it can help alot in this type of workflow s

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5/7/2021 2:01:18 PM

Hi Andy,

Aximmetry does not have that exact function.

However in your case you can use the "insert module on a wire" function.
- Drag the Or module while you are holding down Ctrl + Shift.
- Move it until the cursor is over any of the outgoing wires. 
- All the wire will light up in white when you are at the right place.

- Release the mouse button.
- If there are multiple possibilities (like in the case of Or module) Aximmetry will ask which input and output pin you want to lead the signal trhrough.

- Click OK, or double-click on the desired input pin.
- The Or module is now inserted on the wire.

FYI if you want to insert the module on a single wire only use Ctrl instead of Ctrl + Shift when dragging the module.

There is an alternative method, the "group connection" feature which can be more handy in certain situations.
It can be used to connect multiple input pins with the same name of the selected modules to the same source pin.
- Select all the modules you want to wire from the Or module.

- Click one of the "In" pins of the target modules.

- Start dragging.

- You see a [3] designation while you are dragging. It means you will connect 3 pins (you have 3 modules selected and all of them have an input pin named "In").
- Drag over the desired source pin and release the mouse button.