Panasonic AW-UE150 and Antilatency

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Hi everyone,

we're planning on creating a XR studio with a couple of Panasonic and one URSA tracked via Antilatency and feed them to one workstation with a Broadcast License.

Since we're in a planning phase, we're thinking to push things a bit further by placing one Panasonic on a rail and track it's position via Antilatency.

Is there any limitation in making the FreeD and Antilatency work togheter?

Thanks in advance!



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5/7/2021 10:54:55 AM


You can do that. On the INPUT panel of your scene select Antilatency for Tracking Device, and the FreeD of Panasonic for Zoom Device. Zoom Device is capable of merging not only the zoom/focus info, but the pan/tilt position as well.

(Note that for proper work of the zoom/focus have to specify the lens file made for Panasonic in Tracking Mode.)