Actor gets blurry when he moves


Hi, I'm trying to figure out why the actor gets blurry when he is moving. Here is Example of that

I'm using 1080p50 input into BMD Deckllink Quad 2 Duo (tried Decklink SDI 4K and 4K Extreme 12G with similar results).  I tried more cameras in the video I'm using Panasonic AG-UX90 and PTZ from Vaddio.

I tried sharpen and detail settings on both the cameras and in aximmetry but most of the time it gets wors image quality.

Is there any processing I'm not wary of that I should turn off or any other solution?



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There are to approaches for this.

a) If you do not need any virtual lighting of the talent you can turn off Allow Virtual on the CAMERA & RENDER SETUP panel.
This will result in rendering the billboard by Aximmetry (not by UE) without any distortion and discolorisation.

b) If you need virtual lighting the billboard has to be rendered by UE.  In this case make sure that in Project Settings you have Custom Depth-Stencil Pass = Enabled with Stencil,  This will prevent TAA is applied on the billboard.