Unable to start Aximmetry (fatal error), looking for how to _completely_ uninstall for clean reinstall

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Running through the rigmarole of deleting the appdata and programfiles and removing the folder from the registry allowed for a clean install which reenabled functionality.  However, I'm still curious what caused the fubar.  If I get a response from the dump file, I'll update this post again.

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I've also reached out to support because the error prompt instructed me to send Aximmetry the dump file and to reach  out to support if I didn't know where to send it.  But I'm posting here in case anyone has insight on the issue or has experienced the same issue.

I last successfully opened Aximmetry on Friday, 2 April.  When I tried to open it yesterday, I received the following error:

This occurs each time I open the program.  I have uninstalled the program and deleted the folder in Program Files, then reinstalled both it and a previous version of Aximmetry and get the same error.

I know there are parameters being saved between installs, because they persisted across installs because several output settings set when the Composer first opens before launching were not at the default 1080/50, but where do I need to look to delete these settings and how to do a complete clean uninstall of the program before trying another reinstall.

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