Billboard shadow using the Matrix Preview

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when I use only one Program Output the shadows of the billboards work all fine (VirtualCam_A-B_Preview_4-Cam). But as soon as I use the Matrix Preview Output on a second monitor, the shadows of the billboards are only correct in Cam 1. In Cam 2 - 4 you see all shadows of all billboards, even when they are not visible in the actual Camera. Is there any workaround?

edit: another bug using the matrix preview window: when using the playlist function (Playlist Select Cam, Playlist Cam Path, ...) triggered out of a sequence it does not show the active camera in red in the matrix preview. Is there a way to achieve this?


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4/9/2021 1:16:07 PM

Could fix the problem with the active camera. The input of the "Matrix Label" Compound was connected to "SELECT CAMERA" instead of "SELECTED CAMERA" by default.

Also the maximum of "Clamp 1" was set to 3 instead of 4, so every time you wanted to select camera 4, camera 3 was selected instead.

But the problem with the shadow is still not fixed.