Unable to compile third party plugin (Axyz design Anima 4 for Crowd simulation, working with UE 4.26)

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I'm trying to install the plugins for Axyz Design Anima 4, an affordable crowd simulation software working with UE 4.26.

Note that it's coming with it's own installer (not the marketplace).

As a prerequisite, I installed Visual studio 2019 community and the windows SDK as per instructed.

I also copied the 2 plugins in the Marketplace folder of the original 4.26 plugin folder, but when pressing "install plugins" the log says :

"LogAximmetry: Display: Plugin installer: ERROR: Unable to compile source files.

LogAximmetry: Error: Plugin installer: Error: Anima4DUnrealPlugin could not be built. UnrealBuildTool exited with 6."

Any idea why that is ?

Thank you for your help


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4/7/2021 11:38:46 AM

So I contacted Axyz design and they said they only officially support vanilla Unreal engine at the moment, but that if the Aximmetry team is interested in supporting Anima, they could get in contact with them to see how they could collaborate, through their support Manager : albert.alomar@axyz-design.com.