Depth of field for tracked camera

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Hi there!

what would be the best solution, to „ad“ depth of field for a camera that is tracked to an Unreal Environment in Aximmetry, without „reading lens data“ (Aximmetry Studio Version)?

For a virtual cam, the Alt-Space-Left-Mouse would work. Any similar solution for the tracking?

Thank you!



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4/9/2021 5:24:34 PM

You cannot use mouse combination for that, but if you want to specify a constant Focus Distance  (or you want to animate it in some way from Aximmetry) you can override the Cam Focus parameter embedded in Control Data using a Set Collection Scalar:

Value is in meters.

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4/28/2021 8:22:03 PM

This is great!.. Is there similar a way to also adjust Unreal's (Aximmetry Camera) Aperture as well as focal distance within Aximmetry?  We also  purchased the Glassmark lens encoder as well, is there a tutorial or an article on how to install and use it with Aximmetry? We purchased the Professional Version of Aximmetry Based on Richard's setup at Virtual Star Studios and are creating Matching Systems (One in Västerhaninge and one in Hollywood). We're setting it up this week.



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5/7/2021 6:26:32 AM

Hi Scott,

Aperture is unfortunately not exposed currently from the Aximmetry_Cam blueprint (we may add this in the future), but you can expose it if you are familiar with the blueprint programming.

In order to use any kind of lens encoder, including Glassmark, you need the Broadcast Edition (Richard has it, too).
In this case you would not need the hack above, you could handle the focus via the lens calibration procedure as intended.