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Hello, I'm posting because I have a question.

Like the image above, the object moves back and forth through the floor. I've been trying to solve it for 3 days, but I couldn't.

You have viewed and followed the tutorial of the above image, but it was not successful.

The tracker is using vive and the camera is using pxw-x70.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me.


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4/9/2021 3:25:28 PM


It usually happens when the height of the virtual floor differs from the height of the real floor.

The real floor is usually at zero height if you calibrated the tracking system properly.

But in your Unreal scene the gray virtual floor is probably not at Z = 0,  but somewhere above it. Please determine the Z coordinate of the grey floor surface in the Unreal Editor.
Then go to Aximmetry and adjust the SCENE / Base Cam Transf / Pos Y property accordingly.

Please note that
- the up direction is Z in Unreal, but Y in Aximmetry
- the unit is centimeter in Unreal, but meter in Aximmetry.

For e.g. if your grey floor surface is at Z = 23 cm then set Aximmetry like this: