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Im trying to build a remote control surface for Aximmetry by using Touchdesigner and OSC

But I would like to also have the buttons in Touchdesigner to change colour in the same way that they do in Aximmetry, 

My question is how do I find the module that gives out the state information that change colour on the buttons. Primary im interrested in the buttons in "Select camera" and "Camera X Path" 


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3/29/2021 2:17:27 PM

Hi Markus,

You can find any module of the control board within the flow graph as follows:

Unlink your camera compound:

Then go to the control board and:

This will take you to the actual module within the graph:

It's a Pin Collector. In this case it's first pin corresponds to the CAM1,2,3 buttons.
You can use its integer output value (which is 1, 2 or 3) to send via OSC.

I suggest using the Auto Send mode, that send OSC message whenever the value changes.

Other modules may reside deeper within the compound. E.g. CAMERA PATH is inside another linked compund, so you won't see to Go To Source option at first.

For that unlink the INPUT 1 subcompound as well:

Then as usual