Multiple live OBS inputs

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Is it possible to have OBS feeds or similar online live feeds, such as Zoom, as inputs. I'm thinking of creating a studio where a host can be a live camera greenscreen feed on a billboard from our studio and then other live participants can be shown as a video wall around them.

Related to this, are there users here who could take on this sort of design work?


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3/22/2021 2:05:42 PM

if unfamiliar, its called NDI and you can feed data from Skype into Aximmetry using that approach (but if reading and setup is needed on your side but nothing too wild), unsure which licence you need for it but its something offered. Licence also limits how many inputs you can have but have a chat with them on Sales, they can guide

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3/29/2021 11:10:53 AM


That's right OBS and Skype can send the streams via NDI, not sure about Zoom however.

You need the Professional Edition in order to receive NDI in Aximmetry.