USB input Ezcap and Black Magic

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I have some isue when I try to input Ezcap and Blackmagic to my video input via USB 3. But the result is NO INPUT. Urgent

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3/7/2021 10:08:48 PM

For setting up your USB device the first step is to check if Aximmetry can see it as an input.

In the startup configuration window, you should see something similar.

Select Device Mapper on the left, select the Video category, and see if you can select your device from one of the available drop-down menus. (#1 in our example)

When you found it set the desired Mode. In our example, this is set to 1920x1080 30 fps. 

Press Start when you're done.

To quickly test your camera as input, please do the following steps:

Create a new compound.

Right-click in the Flow window, click Insert Module (or press Insert on your keyboard while the compound is active). 

Scroll down and in the Video section select the Source subsection and select Video Input.

Select the Video Input node and set the Device as Mapped: #1 in the Pin Values.

(You could've selected the device directly, but for future use, we strongly suggest you set it to Mapped #1. This is because even if the device changes, once you reset your new device to this slot, all your previous scenes and projects will work automatically.)


To see the camera feed in preview simply click on the Out pin on the node and drag it to the right-hand side.


You should be able to see your webcam feed on Preview 1, on channel 1.

Alternatively, you can load one of the existing demo scenes and Aximmetry will by default use the device set in the Mapped: #1 input.

If you need more insight into Device Mapping, please check out this video tutorial: