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Is it possible to do decals in UE editor that you can assign pictures in the Aximmetry Composer DE. As a example you have a virtual studio but you want to change the program logo on the wall. 


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3/5/2021 8:28:13 PM


I suppose decals has their own material which means you can expose its texture towards Aximmetry the same way we demonstrated it on using virtual screens. 

Of course you can connect a still image instead of a video to the exposed texture.

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7/12/2021 6:06:24 AM

I was able to make decals come out as pins in Aximmetry in VR.
I kind of like the thing that I have two logos as as decals on the floor and the result floating over as 3D text.
That was in a VR-studio a no brainer to do (since I was able to do it)


how would I be able to do it in AR. 

I have tried to start with a empty scene and the 3D text works fine as a AR-object but I cant get the decal to show without the the floor showing. This is do to the fact that I cant put the Actor tag "AximmetryAR" on a decal since its a material.

This is something I just been trying out mostly due to the fact that I like the thought of putting stickers everywhere

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7/13/2021 2:46:21 PM


You can put the decal on a transparent 3d model so only the decal is shown.

If you only want to show a logo we suggest using a plane instead of decal in unreal with a material that has transparency and apply the logo to it.

for further information please check the unreal documentation 

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7/22/2021 7:33:31 AM

@markusnygard_yle: How did you you expose the Decal texture material as a pin in Aximmetry? Can you share the Blueprint?

@Patric@Aximmetry: I don’t think your suggestion would work, since translucent materials can’t receive Decals. Or would you use a fully transparent Masked Material?

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7/30/2021 10:05:24 AM

Sorry. You are right, decal will not work on transparent object. So as we wrote no decal should be used at all. (assuming it is not needed to be wrapped around an object)