Can't update Axy professional de to 2021.1.0

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As said in the title, i'm having some trouble updating aximmetry professional de from the version 2020.8.1 to the 2021.1.0

Everytime I launch the installer seems like it can't download the library. It retrys the download 4 or 5 times then stops and rolls back the installation so I just end up with aximmetry uninstalled.

Am I missing something?


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3/5/2021 7:05:01 PM


It is probably due to some kind of network problem.

I suggest the following.
Do not check any libraries or the Unreal for Aximmetry for download when installing Aximmetry.  This way it won't roll back.

After that download and install Unreal for Aximmetry from your My.Aximmetry account:

Then download all the libraries you need (Common is mandatory) and install them simply by double-click on the xpack files after download.