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Hello, today I installed antilatency in my studio but I could not connect it to aximmetry.  I have tried to make it work in unreal Engine and everything has gone perfect, unreal detects the Tracker without problems, so I don't know why it does not work in aximmetry.

 Attached capture where you can see where the device does not appear. 

Apart from the antilatency installation in Windows, do I have to do any other installation in aximmetry?

I had trouble installing the openvr antilatency Driver on steamvr.  Could this be related?

 Thanks a lot


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2/21/2021 6:52:36 PM


that's weird. It is probably a driver issue so please make sure that everything is installed perfectly.

Please follow this small guide too:

If you've managed to setup Antilatency in Windows, the trackers will appear among the tracking devices in Aximmetry without any further setup.

What you have to pay attention to:

- In AntilatencyService do not select any special Placement, choose "Identity".

- In AntilatencyService you can define Tags for the trackers. In this case, Aximmetry will display the trackers on these names instead of the serial numbers, which can make identification easier.

- Do not start Aximmetry while the AntilatencyService app is running, because the app locks access to the devices.

- This is the right base orientation (Y up) of the trackers (stick it on the camera approximately in this orientation to make the camera setup easier):

The further setting up of the system is identical to other tracking systems described in: 

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Alexander Zhivykh
2/22/2021 2:32:26 PM

If we want to use ceiling markers - what the right orientation of tracker?

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2/22/2021 2:59:43 PM

Thanks Ahmed,

Finally was a firmware problem in antilatency.... last firmware version 2.6.0 works fine!