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Aximmetry refuses to load install. Once it gets to 'installing common library', it throws up the following error: 

All versions do this. Does anyone else get this? Or any ideas on what this could be?

Any assistance is much appreciated :)




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ahmed ahmed
2/16/2021 6:27:44 PM

You can try the following suggestion:

1-Try to reinstall aximmetry software

2-make sure that you have an administrative user account

3-disable your antivirus temporarily and try again

4-redownload common library xpack and then try again  

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2/24/2021 5:25:44 PM

Hi Rob,

Based on experience of other user so far two main reasons could cause the error:

- You have the Pro-N version of Windows which lacks certain media components

- Your antivirus software interferes.

To check the latter please try to completely deactivate the antivirus temporarily and try again.