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Every "Get Aximmetry...." Blueprint Node in Unreal has this "order Index" value which I think should control the order of the Pins in the Aximmetry Node. But my point is: What logic does it Follow? I cant see any coherences with regard to the Number I type in. Can anyone here explain? 


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Hi Andreas,

The pins will be ordered following the ascending order of the specified indices.
But since the official pins also captures a domain of the indices, we recommend using indices starting from 1000 for your custom pins.
It is also recommended using at least 10 as a step (like 1000, 1010, 1020, ...), because this way it will be easier to insert new ones in between if necessary.

Pins with zero index are put on the bottom of the list in an unspecified order.

Also please do not forget re-cooking the project after any modification,  then press the appearing red chain icon in Aximmetry to have the changes applied.