ASIO Inputs not visible in Axi

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Hi all, 

I want to use a Focusrite Scarlett Interface with ASIO instead of Windows-Drivers. I call the programm with the commandline switch /asio. So I have a Link with "C:\Program Files\Aximmetry DE\bin\Aximmetry.Composer.exe" /asio. With this switch set, no devices show up in the device mapper. Although there should be the Focusrite driver. It works with Vmix on the same machine, so the Asio-driver itself must be OK. What can I do in order to get this running?  I need the ASIO-Driver because I must use more than 2 channels-


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1/15/2021 12:37:03 PM


I can confirm that unfortunately ASIO is not working at the moment in Aximmetry.
Thank you for reporting.
We try to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvinience.

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4/28/2021 7:17:20 AM

Are there any updates on this?

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5/4/2021 10:59:34 AM

+1 :)

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5/7/2021 7:04:37 AM

+1, pretty fundamental feature here :)