Time Code and Genlock

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hi .

I wanted to know if there is any Genlock method in aximmetry .

I saw TC Master Button but I don't know if it is working or not . I am trying to get time code from my camera and genlock it with Aximmetry is this possible ?

Is it available in Pro version ?

I am Using Vive Trackers .

   Antonio Kort

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1/12/2021 4:36:47 PM

You know timecode and genlock are two completely different things, right? You can’t genlock with timecode and genlock doesn’t contain timecode. 

Vive trackers can’t be genlocked, and with tracking systems that supports genlock you would genlock the camera to the same clock source as the tracking system. Both the camera and tracking system needs a genlock input for this to work, so it’s not a function of Aximmetry or any other software.

I think Aximmetry automatically genlocks to the video input on your capture card, or alternatively to the Ref in, if your capture card has one. 

Timecode can be sent together with the video signal over SDI or HDMI, but depending on the camera it isn’t always recognized by the Decklink card. There is a Timecode out pin on the video input where you can check if you’re receiving timecode.