Fade in/out Billboards: Possible? How?

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Hi all, 

is there a way to fade in/out a billboard? Second question: Is it possible to animate the appearance of a billboard in a way of" beaming in starship enterprise"? You know, image apearing spreckled and growing more and more solid....

How would you do this? 



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1/15/2021 7:48:25 AM


For these you have to make modification inside the VirtualCam compound.
Right-click the compound then

Then go to the BILLBOARDS page, right click BILLBOARD 1 and

This will take you to the Flow implementation of the billboard.
This wire carries the keyed input image of the talent:

You can insert whatever processing module you want.
For e.g. using a Fader will do a simple fading,  you have to control its Opacity pin:

You can also find more complex effects in the
folder.  You can drag and drop these into the flow editor and insert them on the wire above. Nnot all of them will behave correctly in this situation, you have to experiment and you can also edit them inside to your needs.