More than 3 cameras Billboard, Setup with 5 cameras

Studio Operators Sequencer SDI NDI Virtual Camera Camera Tracking



we use the Broadcast DE Edition and want to use 5 camera Inputs.

Is there a chance to import an Billboard with more than 3 cameras?


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ahmed ahmed
12/15/2020 12:37:34 PM

If you are asking for increasing the Billboard numbers

1- using aximmetry native engine you need only to  create a copy of aximmetry Virtualcam-XX_.xcomp linked compounds, then unlock it and then customize its internal compounds as you needs

2- For Unreal Engine projects  you need also to change the aximmetry blueprints beside aximmetry linked compounds for unreal.

unfortunately this requires strong skills in aximmtery/unreal software, So I suggest that you email aximmetry support and request this custom feature, or wait for user community to create such project and share it

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1/12/2021 4:46:44 PM

I strongly think that this is something that should be provided as standard with Aximmetry. Given how much work it is, and that it would have to been done for each update, it’s not really fair to rely on the community for this.

The lack of this functionality is a serious limitation for us, since we can’t use Aximmetry DE in a multi-machine configuration with our 4 cameras/workstations. 

Is there a particular reason it’s limited to just three Billboards currently? If not, I suggest making the standard configuration with 5 or even more billboards. 

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1/15/2021 2:10:41 PM


We understand and your point is valid.
We'll consider this in the upcoming releases.