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Hello Im trying to move the billboard with a tracker. Im using Aximmetry DE and a camera tracked setup with billboards. What I want to do is a composite plane setup in ue4 but in aximmetry. Can some of you point me on the right direction? I have dived in the compound and I have found the billboard module. i have tried to add a tracked camera module and I have tried to link it to the TRack cam transform and Final cam transform pins of the billboard module. I have had to split the tracking data in order to get just the position of the tracker but very weird results. Thank you in advance!


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12/18/2020 8:01:17 AM

Hi trypnoiz,

When you use TrackedCam with Use Billboards option, the billboards themselves are the "composite planes". You do not have to add anything.
Please follow this doc:

If this does not answer your question could you elaborate on what do you want to achieve extactly?

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2/8/2021 5:14:02 PM

what interests us is to move the billboard with a tracker so as to interact through the virtual space.

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2/11/2021 9:47:02 AM


I'm terrible sorry, I misunderstood the original question. Now I get it.

Trypnoiz was looking at the right place, but used the wrong pin.

So step by step:

- Unlink the TrackedCam compound in order to access its internals:

- Switch to the control board and for the BILLBOARD select:

This will take you to the actual module inside the TrackedCam compund.

- What you have to control here is the Transformation pin which is hidden at the moment so open the module to its full extent:

- Use a Game Pose module to receive the tracker's position and control the Transformation with it:

Select the desired Device for Game Pose.

Please note that Game Pose is only usable if you use a Vive or an Antilatency tracker.
For non-game tracking systems like Stype Follower you have to use the Camera Tracking module,  but the principle is the same.

- Now you have two problems.
One is that the billboard "flies". We should not use the height (Y) position of the tracker, only X, Z.
The other is that the billboard rotates with the tracker. We do not want that, we only need its positional information.
To solve these split the transformation as follows:

That's it.
Note that you still have manual control over the Y position and the rotation of the billboard,  by manually setting the Vector Merge's Y  and the Transformation Compose's Rotation properties.
Alternatively you can use the Look At Camera option of the Billboard that takes care of the rotation automatically  (however in some cases it might have unwanted effects).

Please note that we'll add this functionality officially to the Billboard in the near future.