Does SLI GPU help in Aximmetry Professional Ver ?

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i want to upgrade GPU for more performance

Is that SLI 2 RTX 2080 GPU efficent more than buy a new 30 Series



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11/22/2020 8:24:01 AM

Dear quangthainguyen,

First, Multi-GPU is only supported in the Broadcast edition of Aximmetry.

Second, Multi-GPU in Aximmetry is not based on SLI, the cards are handled independently by the system.

Currently, the Multi-GPU only works under Aximmetry's own rendering engine, and only in the Broadcast edition when there's more than one GPU card in the machine; unfortunately, this does not apply to Unreal scenes. If you want to boost the performance of a very complex scene, then you can use Linked mode in Aximmetry, but please note that it only usable if you render for an SDI / NDI output or you record locally, and it won't look good on a PC monitor (Again only with Aximmetry's own engine, not Unreal).

In your case, buying a 3000 series cars will be the better choice for sure.

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11/23/2020 4:14:30 PM

Thank you for your help! Best Regards,