Billboard 3 not showing up in Final Display Mode


Hi, We have a 3 camera HDMI setup for a Aximmetry DE scene. Billboard 1 & 2 are mapped to HDMI inputs 1 & 2, they work great. Billboard 3 is mapped to HDMI input 3 and it shows up on "Input", "Cropped, and "Keyed" preview modes in the Billboard Control Board, but it does not display when you switch it to "Final". I have copied the other billboards' settings to make sure it is located in the same 3D space, but it still does not render. Any advice?


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Never mind, figured it out. If anyone in the future struggles with this, check if your "B3 Data", "B3 Texture", etc. from your Unreal Scene is linked to your Unreal Camera linked compound. For some reason, only B1 and B2 were linked. I had to link B3 manually.