Advanced B Keyer - Use Clean Plate & Clean Plate Generator Mode

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Please refer to the following tutorial:

I states the following: "...if you want to achieve the best quality with stationary camera then you should set a clean plate ( Clean Plate ). Clean plate is an image that only contains the green screen, but not the subject(s). It can’t contain static objects either (like a table for example). If you don’t have an image that only contains the green screen then Aximmetry can help you create one from an image that contains an object in front of the green screen. See the documentation of the clean plate generator module. Control board feature of the Aximmetry will further help you to set a clean plate. See the documentation of the control board."

I can't find the documentation of the clean plate generator module or the control board documentation that specifically relates to using clean plates in keyeing. Am I missing something? Is there a detailed tutorial on how to use the clean plate generator in conjunction with the "Use Clean Plate" mode?

Thank you in advance.


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ahmed ahmed
9/26/2020 4:13:58 PM

Maybe this topic can help you.

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10/1/2020 6:44:10 AM

Hi Ahmed, thanks. I wasn't sure how to do this step for step. But we've figured it out. It's very simple once you know. For those struggling with this, it works automatically once you've setup the clean plate. So step for step, this is how we do it:

1. On the Billboards Control Board, click on the "Keyed" display mode on the billboard that you would like to key.

2. In the Pin Values window, select "CLEAN PLATE GENERATOR" from the Keyer Type dropdown menu.

3. Use this tutorial to select the background.

4. Click on "Freeze".

5. Select "Advanced B" mode from the same Keyer Type dropdown menu.

6. Select "Use Clean Plate". It should then work.

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10/7/2020 7:26:59 AM

Thanks for the description, Motionworx!

Please note that from version 2020.7.0:

- Freeze operation has been replaced with Capture which saves the clean plate into an image file thus providing permanent storage for it.

- Added Pure option which enables taking a simple snapshot without any processing. Use this option if you can provide a clean green background without any object placed in front of it. In this case you do not have to adjust any other parameter.

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10/15/2020 9:28:53 AM

Thanks for the update Aximmetry! I look forward to trying out the new functionality.