Does Aximmetry have TimeLine function?

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Does Aximmetry have a TimeLine playback function, similar to what Media Server does. Does Aximmetry support Blacktrax? Can Aximmetry control the Actor and Pawn in the UE like the PlayerController.


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10/7/2020 6:49:23 AM

Hi MOkalee,
Add Sequence Video modules to your scene and specify video files for them. They are essentially video players, but they can be connected to a Sequencer directly. When you do so a track for each video appear in the Sequencer. They can be used like normal sequence parts, can be moved, split etc.  Also you have two built-in curves for Opacity (fading) and audio Volume.

Blacktrack is not supported currently.

Aximmetry can control anything that can be controlled via triggers, numeric values, transformations, vectors etc.
For e.g. you can control the position of any actor via Get Aximmetry Transformation, please check