Vive Tracking Data for Multi Machine Setup

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I'd like to know if it's possible to share the HTV VIVE tracking data with other workstations in a multi machine setup like this one here:

If not, is it possible to get the tracking data otherwise?

Thank you :) 


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9/23/2020 9:10:55 AM

Aximmetry always assumes that each PC receives its corresponding tracking information, therefore the central PC does not propagate any tracking data to the other PCs.
It means that when using an USB-based tracking system like Vive or Antilatency, you always have to plug the trackers into their corresponding PCs.

In the case of Vive it's a bit tricky, because SteamVR by default needs the presence of an HMD to work properly.
Of course you could connect a complete Vive set to all of your PCs, but it would be a waste of money.
However there's a hack that enables using the trackers alone without connecting a HMD. Please check these
(without the vvvv and python parts of course).

You'll also need to copy the room setup to each PC. They can be found in
<steam folder>/config/chaperone_info.vrchap
<steam folder>/config/lighthouse/lighthousedb.json 

So basically
- you do the room setup on one machine with the full Vive set
- copy the room setup to the other PCs
- do the hack above on the other PCs and connect only a single Vive Tracker to all of them