How to create shadow and put people between A object and B object ?

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    Hi, I am learning how to use the DE , but I do not know how to make shadow for objects, please take a look at following picture , the "Cast shadow" I have turned it on , but the people and objects in the Unreal editor have no shadow,  please tell me how to make shadow, have better send me the tutorial.

    Qestion 2 is , how can I put a person between objects ? take the following picture as example , how can I put a person between the wooden chair and the tripod ? thanks.


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To generate shadows from a Billboard you need to have some dynamic lights (Stationary or Moveable) in your UE4 scene that can cast shadows. With only baked lighting there are no dynamic shadows.

Regarding your other question, I’m not sure what yuh want to accomplish? It looks like both the chair and tripod are real objects captured by a camera? Are you trying to place another layer between them? If you want to place something behind a 3D object rendered in true scene you simply move the billboard behind that object. Or am I misunderstanding?