Cutting between cameras and paths from a sequencer

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- I am attempting to cut between virtual cameras and camera paths from a sequencer so that I can line up my pre recorded green screen footage and program other pasts of my scene entirely in post.

I am using Aximmetry DE with an unreal scene so I understand I only have access to 3 virtual cameras. 


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9/4/2020 7:04:02 PM

Hi keaganbw,
The simplest way is putting the system into Playlist mode:

After that you can use the following pins to select the cameras and the paths externally:

with a setup similar to this:

On using the Sequencer please consult:
It also contains a part on dealing with controlling interger values.

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9/11/2020 8:41:28 AM

Thank you very much for the help! This is perfect.

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9/30/2020 3:13:59 PM

hi keaganbw,

do you manage to get it to work? cuz i failed, i cant clearly understand how the sequence integer works on playlist cam. or maybe axi guy can enlight me? i do really need this to work next week, cuz i have a commercial project for this, and once i can make it work, i will continue to get a license to publish it to the client

and another thing, can i use other than VirtualCam_Unreal_A-B_Preview_3-Cam.xcomp for unreal projects in aximmetry?

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ahmed ahmed
9/30/2020 4:50:31 PM

Simply you need to prepare camera paths then you need to  create keyframes in Sequencer for your Sequence Integer module like this

this setup for Cam 1

Also you can create custom control board to control the sequencer for example

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1/21/2022 9:01:26 PM

Did anyone make this work? Have the same problem but don't understand how to prepare the camera paths in Sequencer. 

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1/28/2022 11:41:32 AM

Hi Xaviprz,

With the Playlist Cam 1 Path input pin, you don't actually make the camera paths. Instead, it allows you to switch between the paths that are stored here:

However, since the original post, Aximmetry added input pins for virtual cameras to make camera paths with a Sequencer module:

Warmest regards,