Allow Virtuals & Use Billboards?


I am using the TrackedCam_Unreal_Prev_3-Cam_3-Billboard Compound, and I do not understand the "use billboards" and "allow Virtuals" checkboxes. When I click on "Use Billboards" the captured video disappears from the scene and "Allow Virtuals" does not do anything. Where can I find info on these?


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ahmed ahmed

I think this new wiki page have more info about this topic


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Hi Mischaub,
Besides the documentation Ahmed mentioned, some additional info:
- The 
Use billboards: ON, Allow Virtuals: OFF mode only become available in the latest version (2020.6.0).
- In any billboard modes it is possible that you do not see anything at first, because the billboard is located at an offscreen place. To make the initial setup we added to Lock To Camera option, please read more here: