Workstation PC Requirements for UE + Aximmetry


Hello team

We are starting using Aximmetry in our small broadcast studio for TV Broadcast, Live stream, etc

We will also be doing some Video Ads for products using virtual production sets, etc.

We are willing to buy a PC and someone suggested us the bellow Workstation, so we wanted to know, by your experiences, if the bellow can work based on our workflow:

1. We will use the Aximettry DE version, we will be editing the sets we buy before cooking and using them in Aximmetry
2. We will be using max 3 Cameras (with one of the tracked)

3. We will be sending the output directly to social media (stream) and same time we send output to external monitor or storage devices

Can the bellow work with this or we need to buy an other one?

HP Z4 G4 Tower Workstation |
Processor: Intel Xeon W-2123 3.6 GHz
Nvidia Quadro P2000


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That is a truly horrible suggestion for a workstation to run Aximmetry! Is the person suggesting that system by any chance also selling the system? I’ll break down why the system is bad:

This HP Z4 G4 is a very old system by any standard, at least 7 years old. Get a current system with modern architecture. 

The CPU is a low end workstation CPU from 2017! You’ll want a current gen CPU with high single core clock speed.

You will quickly run out of space in a 512 Gb SSD if you’re building multiple UE5 projects on the machine. A 3 terabyte spinning drive belongs in the last decade. Just get a 2 tb or 4 tb M2 drive. 

An Nvidia Quadro P2000 is totally underpowered for running Aximmetry and is more suitable for basic office tasks. You’ll need the most powerful GPU you can get to run Aximmetry. Almost everything is calculated on the GPU, so you’ll have a very bad experience with an underpowered GPU. I strongly recommend getting an Nvidia RTX 4090, and definitely nothing below a 4080. 

Consider something like this on the low end (I would still recommend upgrading to a 4090):

Or this on the higher end:

Again, the person that recommended you that system for Aximmetry don’t know what they’re talking about.

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Hello dear @TwentyStudios

Guys like you have to exist for long time on this Forum, thanks a lot, you avoided us many things.
after checking your links, i can see thta the suggested models are great, but a bit expensive for our initial budgets

We will see if we can go for one of them.

Meanwhile, on we saw some others models like this:

Or this:

Thanks again

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The computer in the first link is underpowered. Too little RAM and you will soon regret not going for a faster GPU. The 4070 is OK for gaming, but Unreal 5 isn’t very optimized and you will spend a lot of time optimizing your scenes instead of creating. That’s why a 4090 is a much better investment in the long run.

The second computer looks like a good option. It is actually more expensive than the first alternative I suggested,, but it does have a 4090 GPU. Don’t know if it’s a reputable PC builder, but the components looks good at first glance. Just make sure you can fit a Decklink capture card for Aximmetry. Some GPUs will take up too much space for a Decklink card to fit there as well. Working directly with a company like Scan UK helps with that since they’ve built systems for this exact purpose before, so they know what components work together. 

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These advices will definitely help us

Thanks a lot dear! Nous sommes reconnaissants :)