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I read a document on the aximmetry site where it is written at the top of it that it is obsolete. It indicates that it is necessary to have a rendering station per camera if you wish to obtain an SDI output from each camera.

Is this information still current? Can we use two cameras for one render engine currently? Is it possible to use an engine for green screen studio and augmented reality at the same time?

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Hi JD,

Rendering more than one camera perspective simultaneously on a single computer is not feasible when using Unreal Engine (DE) for scene rendering. While this limitation does not apply to scenes rendered by Aximmetry (SE), it does affect the camera compounds.
The design of the camera compounds necessitates the use of different machines for the INPUTs if you aim to render out more than one camera perspective (final image) at the same time. This design choice is due to the impractical hardware resource load that would be incurred by rendering multiple camera perspectives simultaneously even with Aximmetry.

Starting with Aximmetry version 2023.3.0, you can concurrently render for a green screen studio and augmented reality using Unreal. This is made possible through the "+AR" camera blueprints and compounds, designed to support mixed LED + AR and Green + AR productions on a single machine. Previously, achieving this required the use of a secondary machine for AR. Please note that these blueprints are in their initial releases, and features like AR reflection and shadow catchers are not yet available: 

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