Retarget unmedia mixamo third party plugin



who can help us 

visual studio are instal like the aximmetry documebtation

we have buy and install mixamo retargetting plugin form the store 

and have instal them in unreal 5.3.2

The plugin are visible and can be instal from unreal 5.3.2

but it’s not visible in plugin list of 

unreal for aximmetry 5.3.2

please help us 


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For the plugin to appear in the Edit > Plugins list, you need to copy the plugin from the original Unreal Engine's Marketplace folder to the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry's Marketplace folder.

Furthermore, the newest version of Aximmetry, 2024.1.0, introduces a modified process for installing plugins in the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry. For detailed instructions, including copying the plugin to the Marketplace folder, please refer to the documentation here:
If you are using older Aximmetry than 2024.1.0, you can find the old plugin documentation here:

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