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Quick question regarding the overlays.

We are using the Newsroom studio, We have a presenter added in the "Green" overlay.

Also in the flow we have LCD screen 2. On this screen we want to show a video. So we have added an extra overlay compound and added it to the flow. It is connected by GREEN 3 to the VIDEO input of LCD SCREEN 2. This gives us another Overlays tab . Is it possible to start both the presenter and the video on the screen simultaneously?


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7/16/2020 7:51:58 PM

Hi ddemelinne,

There is a Restart Green trigger input on Overlay. You can trigger the simultaneous starting of their green videos like this:

However if you want a full control  (Start/Stop/Pause)  then you have to open up both Overlays compound and wire the play control from one into another to be able to control them from the same panel.