Focus with Panasonic UE150



I made Camera Basic Calibrator and after camera calibrator with 6 points for the lens and i'm still not able to get the tracked focus of the PTZ attached to my virtual camera in Unreal ! Do I need to change something in Unreal or activate something  in Aximmetry ? 

I'm doing Augmented reality. Can you help me ?

The datas from Basic Calibrator :

Focus with Panasonic UE150

The datas in camera calibrator :
Focus with Panasonic UE150




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Hi JD,

I noticed that the calibration performed with the Basic Calibrator apparently does not include focus calibration, given that all the Focus values appear identical. It seems to be a zoom calibration instead.

However, you were correct to use the Basic Calibrator. As of now, the Camera Calibrator does not support focus calibration. Therefore, you will need to perform focus calibration using the Basic Calibrator after completing calibration in the Camera Calibrator.

To check the focus value your camera compound is sending to Unreal, you can peek at the Control Data pin:
Focus with Panasonic UE150
This will help you determine whether the issue with the focus arises within Unreal, or if it stems from a lack of focus calibration in your calibration profile.

Warmest regards,